We have an excellent range of products for which we develop good quality, durable moulds with the ability to resist against wear and tear and easy to maintain and repair.

The moulds for which we deal are of pipe fittings and sanitary items, automotive parts, kitchenware and home appliances, irrigation products, electrical parts and many more. Apart from that we create customized moulds as per the client’s requirements like; single-component and multi-component moulds, insert moulds, hot runner moulds and compound coated plastic injection moulds.


Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation :

We have a special experience in developing any kind of mould in entire system of drip and sprinkler irrigation with superior performance and efficient working.
Our high precision moulds will help you get the perfect angle in fitting of every complex product with zero leakage policy.


Pipe fittings and sanitary ware :

We have comprehensive range of moulds with optimum durability and finishing for the pipe fitting and sanitary or bath ware products.
We worked for wide range of moulds of pipe fittings like; bends, T type and Y type three ways, couplings, end caps etc. with equal or variable sized inlet and outlets.


Home appliances and kitchen ware :

We manufacture moulds for every type of products used in the household plastic industry.
Our consumer oriented moulds comes in multitudes of shapes both functional and ornamental.


Electrical parts :

We develop well designed and super aligned moulds for all type of electrical parts like; battery containers, switch boards, switches, cable ties, chip trays and covers as per the standers and customer needs.

Other Categories

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